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I wish you gentle days and quiet nights. I wish you memories to keep you strong. I wish you time to smile and time for a song. And then I wish you friends to give you love, when you are hurt and lost and life is blind. I wish you friends and love and peace of mind.


Hope is not an easy word for grievers but we, more than most others, need to understand what hope can mean for us.

Hope means finding the strength to live with grief.

Hope means nurturing with grace the joy of remembrance.

Hope means embracing with tenderness and pride our own life and the gifts left to us by those we have lost.

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For each grave here a soldier lies at his rest

For each prayer that is said today out of love

For each sigh of remembering someone who died

Let us also give thought to the mothers and fathers, the brothers and sisters, the friends and the lovers whom death left behind.

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“Wounds do not heal without time and attention. Yet, too many of us feel that we don’t have the right to take the time to heal from emotional and physical wounds.”

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Ten Tricks Your Brain Plays on You During Grief


Your brain—what an amazing organ. It can outthink the most complex computer. It is—well—it’s who you are. Your brain—or you—is reading these words and taking in information in microseconds. So, with all its wondrous abilities, why would your brain trick you,...