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Holiday Hints

Holiday Hints

A few ideas for getting through the holidays more easily. It is a difficult time for anyone who has lived through a life change. Perhaps these hints will make the holiday blues a little easier to deal with.

DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF – get as much rest as you can and attempt to keep the stress level low. Buy yourself a present. Take a leisurely bath, light candles, read a good book. Eat at least one good meal a day and be careful with liquor consumption.

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH LOVING SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE – you know who they are. Don’t let people push you to do things you don’t want to do or go places that will add to your discomfort.

ALLOW TEARS – holiday times are emotional times and particularly difficult if this is your first (or other years) big holiday without your loved one. Express your feelings without worrying that you will make others uncomfortable.

REMEMBER YOUR LOVED ONE – do something special like a memorial gift to a charity, take a wreath or flowers to the cemetery. If you put up a tree, buy a tree ornament as a memorial or light a candle.

DON’T GO OVERBOARD – Expensive gifts won’t make up to the children the loss of a parent. Sometimes we feel we must do something to fill the void in their lives, but bankrupting the family won’t help.

IT WILL BE DIFFICULT, BUT YOU WILL GET THROUGH – Anxiety and anticipation are often much worse than the holiday itself. You’ve had many bad days since the death of your loved one, you know you can get through a few more. Take heart, next year will/could be easier.


From Dorothy Hanley’s book: Seasons of Grief

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