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Ten Tricks Your Brain Plays on You During Grief

Ten Tricks Your Brain Plays on You During Grief

Your brain—what an amazing organ. It can outthink the most complex computer. It is—well—it’s who you are. Your brain—or you—is reading these words and taking in information in microseconds. So, with all its wondrous abilities, why would your brain trick you,...

Where there is pain, let there be softening.

Where there is bitterness, let there be acceptance.

Where there is silence, let there be communication.

Where there is loneliness, let there be friendships.

Where there is despair, let there be hope.

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When Grief During the Holidays Is New

As we officially enter the holiday season those who grieve enter into a quagmire of emotions. Is it okay to experience joy when your loved one is dead? Can you be grateful for the time you had with your loved one while being overwhelmed with missing that person? Will...


“Why” … running through your mind like a mouse through a maze. It seems there is never an answer … Why didn’t I? Why didn’t he? Why didn’t she? Why now? Why then? Why? Why? Why? It is so hard to find oneself with only “sometimes we never learn why.” There...