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“Why” … running through your mind like a mouse through a maze. It seems there is never an answer … Why didn’t I? Why didn’t he? Why didn’t she? Why now? Why then? Why? Why? Why?

It is so hard to find oneself with only “sometimes we never learn why.” There comes a time when finally in exhaustion, we are forced to throw up our hands (throw in the towel) and give up.

Granted, the reason we forge ahead scientifically is because so many asked “why.” “Why” can generate action and results, but not always. In the case of the grief stricken, “why” is often a drumbeat that goes nowhere. Sometimes, we must work around “why” and come to accept that knowing the answer may never happen.

Once you can accept not knowing, you are more able to concentrate on what you do now that this thing has happened and you can learn ways to cope with your changed life. It’s one step on the way through grief.


-By Dorothy Hanley

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